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'History Heroes' - History Club

We started our pupil 'History Heroes' Club in 2020 to help champion History in our school.

Our 'History Heroes' have led the following initiatives:

Year 3 History Trail

After lots of research (and walking around the local area) our History champions helped develop the following trail for our Year 3 pupils:

'History Heroes' Competition

Our school champions came up with the idea to run this competition during one of our school holidays. All pupils were asked to research their own History Hero and to present their findings in their own way. Some of this work is displayed on a special display board in our school Hall:

Weekly History Mystery

We spend time at the start of our History Club investigating different historical objects - 'History Mysteries'. We use these 5 question roots:

WHAT do you think this object is?
WHY do you think it was made (purpose)?
WHEN was it made?
WHO made it?
HOW was it made?
We have started to include a History Mystery each week in our Newsletter.

Our History Club have also completed the following activities:

  • Sand tray archaeology dig
  • Uxbridge local history trail
  • Uxbridge Heritage Centre visit: Using objects to find out about Uxbridge in the past.
  • English Civil War – Visit to Place House in Uxbridge (meeting location for peace talks)
  • Oral history: past pupil Q&A
  • Whole school History Heroes Competition
  • What is an historian? KS2 Poster Competition.