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PE and Sport Premium

As in previous years, we have been given the Government's ‘PE and Sport Premium’ funding to develop Physical Education and school sports. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. As a school we endeavour to spend the additional funding with the intended outcome being improved provision of PE and sport. We have had the freedom to choose how we feel our money is best spent.

Please click here for details of our Sports Premium Funding Allocation 2018 to 2019


Impact of Funding 2017 to 2018: 

Identified need

Action taken



Development of new clubs within school.

Release of staff to attend courses on running clubs such as change 4 life to get children interested in different sports.

Organising additional opportunities across the school week for sport to take place


We have increased the number of clubs on offer, which has seen an increase in pupil activity. KS1 have had more opportunities increasing numbers by 25%

Develop staff confidence in P.E.

Staff are currently being supported by a qualified coach who is aiding P.E. delivery to nursery and reception children. This is helping staff gain knowledge in delivery of P.E. all year groups


Staff training is continuing and this year we have had coaches deliver and help staff with basketball, rugby tennis. Next year we want to look into other sports including hockey, athletics and  

Improve provision in Swimming so children can swim 25m by the end of KS2

Children are now starting Swimming lessons in year 3 to enable them to have more opportunity to learn to swim Children are assessed each year and children who need extra support are given extra lessons to aid their swimming. 


We were able to pay for an extra coach, which meant smaller groups and time in the pool was increased. At the end of year 5 most children 96% of children can swim 25m.

Part funding of after school clubs.

To make sports clubs more available for children in the school.



We were able to get more children involved in after school clubs, which meant more children taking part in physical activity. This was increased by 15%

Healthy lifestyle workshops

Educate the children about healthy lifestyles and fitness


A company was brought in to promote healthy eating and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. this has increased children's knowledge on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

KS1 After school activities

Make after school activities more accessible for younger children through Rugby tots scheme


Subsidised rugby after school. This was a totally new club and helped get younger children into a range of different sports.

Outdoor activity centre day

Help children with outdoor activities that they cannot do at school with outdoor pursuits (climbing etc)


Children in year 5 spend the day in an outdoor activity centre. The aim of the day was to improve team building and confidence. It also helped with different skills and sports such as climbing.

Support developing children’s fine and gross motor skills.

Support with children who have difficulty with motor skills to ensure they can get the most out of PE


CPD session for staff on how to help less active/ able children specifically focusing on fine motor skills and helping children with balance and coordination.

Staff training

Developing staff in different areas of the curriculum, including basketball, rugby, gymnastics.


Staff have had the opportunity to observe and teach with qualified coaches to help them deliver PE lessons.

Coordinating clubs, staff and coaches.

Planning and coordinating clubs, coaches and staff to ensure they teach and promote a healthy lifestyle


During the year we have increased the number of inter school competitions we have taken part in.  this has including New age Curling, basketball and tennis. Money was used to transport children to competitions and for the staff to help organise and attend the events.