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What our pupils say...

Pupil Voice Day 2020

Results from our Pupil Questionnaires:

  • 98% of the pupils surveyed said that they enjoyed coming to school.
  • 100% said that their work was challenging and that they found out new things in their lessons.
  • 98% of children felt that they got the help they needed when they were stuck on their work.
  • 99% commented that other children in school were friendly and kind.
  • 98% of pupils felt that they were listened to in class.
  • 100% enjoy the activities offered during break/lunch times.
  • 100% said they were taught to respect other people and their things.

Quotes from our Pupil Interviews: 

'I'm really happy at school - it's an amazing place to learn' (Yr2 pupil).

'I feel proud to be a pupil at St. Mary's - I feel like I'm part of something special' (Yr5).

'I love school because the teachers are kind and helpful - I always learn new things' (Yr4).

'St. Mary's is a brilliant school - we're polite and caring and we look after one another' (Yr3).

'Everyone at St. Mary's is friendly and caring - we respect others and love each other' (Yr1).

'All staff care about us from the caretaker to the kitchen staff' (Yr5).

'I feel safe at school because everyone looks after me - our teachers are always there for us' (UEYs child).

'In RE and One World Week we are taught to respect people from other backgrounds and to see everyone the same' (Yr6).

'Homework is always challenging and makes me think' (Yr4).

'We know how well we are doing by our teacher's comments in our books and our targets' (Yr3).

'Children behave well at St. Mary's - everyone is caring, sharing, loving and polite' (Yr2).

'We are listened to in class - we feel we can share our opinion' (Yr5).

'At school we learn to eat healthy food and to get lots of exercise - our Health Week is fun' (Yr1).

'We are taught how to use the Internet safely and what to do if we see something that upsets us online' (Yr3).

Quotes from our English Coordinator Interviews:

'Teachers work really hard to make our learning fun' (Yr4).

'Our Reading Gladiators lunchtime group is fun and has helped me to love reading' (Yr5).

'It's fun and teaches you to be creative' (Yr3).

'Teachers explain things really well and help us to do our best' (Yr6).

'You learn lots of new things - I'd give this subject a thumbs up' (Yr1).

Quotes from our Maths Coordinator Interviews:

'Maths is fun, helps us to think and is challenging' (Yr5).

'We are taught to never give up when solving problems' (Yr6).

'Partner talk helps us to do our work' (Yr3).

'I enjoy maths because my teacher helps me' (Yr1).

'I like learning new activities - it's fun!' (Yr2).

'I've found out lots of new things this year and achieved all my Maths targets' (Yr4).