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What our parents say...

Results of our 2020 to 2021 Parent Survey

My child is happy at St. Mary’s?

Yes: 100%

My child feels safe at school?

Yes: 100%

I am happy with the measures put into place to help reduce the risks associated with COVID?

Yes: 99%

School staff make sure pupils are well behaved?

Yes: 100%

The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year (curriculum information)?

Yes: 89%

When I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly?

Yes/NA: 100%

If your child has a special educational need (SEN), do they get the support they need to make good progress?

Yes: 100%

St. Mary’s has high expectations for my child?

Yes: 96%

My child makes good progress at school?

Yes: 99%

Teachers let me know how my child is doing through Parents’ Evenings etc.?

Yes: 95%

St. Mary’s school supports my child’s wider personal development?

Yes: 98%

I would recommend St. Mary’s to another parent?

Yes: 100%


We have used the results of this survey to help inform this year's School Development Plan. This includes plans to provide parents with more information about what their child will be learning in each class, each year.


% have been rounded up to the next whole number