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Thusday 11th May 2017

Our Year 6 pupils have had a busy week taking their end of Key Stage 2 SATs tests – they took the last maths paper today. They now have lots of planned activities to look forward to including -

                    Mon 3rd July: Bikeability cycling training

                    Mon 10th July: Leavers’ Production

                    Wed 12th to Fri 14th July: PGL residential visit

                    Tues 18th July: BT Workshop

                    Wed 19th July: Leavers’ Mass (Church)

Parent/Carer Survey 2017

We are always looking for ways to improve the support that we offer our pupils and their parents. You will receive an email today asking you to click on a link to our online Parent/Carer Survey 2017.

Respondents are asked to tick a range of possible responses for a list of statements about our school. The results will be analysed by our Senior Management Team, and Governors, and used to inform our School Development Plan for the next academic year. This survey will only be available to complete online for one week (the link will stop working at midnight on Thursday 18th May).

Thank you for your time in advance.

Year 4 Class Assembly

Our Year 4 Class Assembly will take place on Tuesday 16th May, at 9am. Please see dates below for all other assembly dates.

Early Years Assembly, date changed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Early Years Assembly will now take place on the 20th June at 9:00 a.m. not the 13th June as stated in last week’s newsletter.

Combined nursery session

Please note that Nursery will be combined on Tuesday 20th June. Therefore all Nursery children should attend the morning session from 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Year 3 & 4 Class Charity Mary’s Meals

A big thank you to all parents and children for taking part in the Backpack project and supporting our class charity. We collected 49 backpacks and will be sending them this week to Mary’s Meals so they can distribute them to children in the Developing Countries.

Reading Gladiators

New meeting time 8:30 a.m. to 9:10 a.m. on Tuesday morning starting on 16th May until further notice. Thank you.

New and nearly new book sale!

Fantastic variety of children and adult books for sale. All money raised will go directly back into our school resources. 

All new books £5 and nearly new £1-2 so bring lots of change please. 

Date: Friday 19 may 2017 at 3.30pm

Location: school play ground 

EYs donation request

EYs would much appreciate donations of a small inflatable paddling pool, swimsuits, shorts, goggles, snorkels and flippers for the role play area. This term their theme is “under the sea”.

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

Thank you for all the donations of these vouchers. Could you please check if you have any Sainsbury’s vouchers at home, handbags, wallets, etc. that you could donate to school.


With the cold and hay fever season almost upon us we would be grateful for donations from parents of boxes of tissues.  As you can imagine we get through loads of boxes and have depleted our budget allocation.  Donations would be gratefully appreciated.

Dates for your diary

May 2017

                  Tue 16th - Year 4 Class Assembly (9:00 am)

                  Fri 19th New and nearly new book sale (3:30 pm)

                  Tue 23rd - Year 5 Class Assembly (9:00 am)

                  Fri 26th – May Procession (1 – 3 pm)

                  Finish for Half Term (3:30 pm)

June 2017

                  Mon 5th – School re-opens (8:40 am)

                  Thu 8th – Y3 Theatre Trip

                  Fri 9th – Class Group photographs

                  Fri 16th – Reading Gladiators challenge day

                  Mon 19th – Start of Judaism Week

                                         Test Week

                  Tue 20th – Early Years Assembly (9:00 am)

                                       Prospective Parents Tour (1-2 pm)

                  Fri 23rd – EYs Trip – Look Out Centre

                  Sat 24th – Summer Fate

                  Mon 26th – Start of Health Week

                                        New Nursery meetings

                  Tue 27th – New Nursery meetings

                                        Y5 Whipsnade Zoo Trip

                   Wed 28th – Year 4 Trip to Gunnersbury

                                          New Reception meetings

                  Thu 29th – St Peter and St Paul Mass (1:30 – 3:00 pm)

July 2017

                  Mon 3rd – Year 6 Bikeability

                  Tue 4th – All school induction day

                  Wed 5th – Y1 & Y2 BT Workshops

                  Mon 10th – KS1 and KS2 Sports Day (9:00-12:00)

                                        Year 6 production (6:00- 7:00 pm)

                  Tue 11th – EYs Sports Day (9:00 – 12:00)

                  Wed 12th – Fri 14th - Year 6 PGL

                  Fri 14th - Year 5 Trip to Go Ape

                                    Y1 & Y2 Trip to Gulliver’s Fun Park

                                    Y3 & Y4 BT Workshops

                   Mon 17th – KS1 and KS2 Sport Day Backup

                   Tue 18th – Y5 & Y6 BT Workshops

                                         Open Afternoon (3:45 – 5:30 pm)

                    Wed 19th – Year 6/End of Year Mass (9:30 – 10:30 am)

                                           Last Day of Term, school finishes 1:30 pm



School Fundraising Team (PTA) Newsletter

Meet the PTA Team:

Sarah Wells


Sue Serret

Secretary/Vice Chair

Aileen Gallahue

Treasurer/Social Media


Class Rep LEY am


Class Rep LEY am


Class Rep LEY PM


Class Rep LEY PM


Class Rep UEY


Class Rep UEY

Catherine Scotland

Class Rep Year 1


Class Rep Year 1


Class Rep Year 2


Class Rep Year 2


Class Rep Year 3


Class Rep Year 3

Jayne Brooks

Class Rep Year 4


Class Rep Year 4


Class Rep Year 5


Class Rep Year 5


Class Rep Year 6


Class Rep Year 6

As you can see we need class reps for Year 6, Year 3 and UEY. Other years need additional support too.

Class reps. tell parents about fund-raising events, a point of contact about what’s going on in the school. Ask you all for help when needed, they come along to meetings where possible. Enhance our feeling of a community. Please chat to one of the above for more information - you are needed.

PTA on the school website!

We have updated our page on the school website, please have a read, this will be updated regularly. Let us know what other information you would like to see on this page:


Money YOU have raised so far:

Coffee & cake 30/09/16:       £84.00

Coffee & cake:                    £101.35

Christmas Cards:                £136.00

Christmas Fayre:                 £999.01

Make-up Master Class:          £64.00

(offered by Kelly Doyle)

Bingo Night:                         £237.15

Family Party Night 22/04/17  £397.50

(organised Adriana, Orla, Sharon parents team)

Coffee & cake 28/04            £114.10

Total:                             £2,133.11

The Giving Machine: ongoing – every time your make an online purchase, please donate money to the school

Book sale on the Friday 19th May

Fantastic variety of children and adult books.

All money raised will go directly back into our school resources.

All new books £5 and nearly new £1-£2 so bring lots of change please.

Date: Friday 19 may 2017 at 3.30pm

Location: school play ground

Chocolate bakers please!

You all love to eat chocolate cake! Therefore we need more bakers please! Especially anything made with chocolate. The same people are asked each time, we need more chocolate bakers please. Email, tell your class rep or ring/text Sarah 07855 998693 if you would like to donate the occasional home-made cake

6 weeks to our largest fund-raiser of the year, Summer Fete 24th June:

We need to secure our main raffle prizes very, very soon. Would your employer like to donate a prize? A local business ? A huge thank you would be printed in the Fete Programme. Very useful for community engagement. We have letters that can be given out. If you need one, talk to your class rep.

Ads. for our Summer Fete programme, help to raise funds before the Fete begins. There must be many small, local businesses that wish to advertise. The programme is an A5, high quality, professionally printed publication that will reach 250 families. Again, we have letters ready to be given out to small, local businesses. Full page £25, half page £15

‘The Giving Machine’

How many parents have raised funds for the school using The Giving Machine? Have a go, tell your friends how easy it is ……….

How about putting daily reminder on your phone ‘every online shop, remember to use the Giving Machine’

Please have a look at this website, we are now registered. Search for ‘St Mary’s school, Uxbridge’ this is the cause. You are the giver. Every time you shop online consider using it, raise lots of money for our school from the comfort of your armchair! How about every time you do an internet supermarket shop?