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Knowledge Organisers

We have produced Knowledge Organisers for each of the History topics covered by pupils. These include the minimum knowledge that we want pupils to remember from each unit of work. They also include a list of key vocabulary that will be covered. Key Stage 2 pupils (Years 3 to 6) are asked to write the definitions of each word as they are taught. You may like to refer to these Knowledge Organisers to see some of the work covered in each class.

Please click on the links in the table below:

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
1 My Family History The Greatest Explorers Great Inventions: Transport
2 Bonfire Night and the Great Fire of London Holidays Our Local Heroes
3 The Stone Age The Bronze Age and the Iron Age Local History: Significant Buildings
4 Roman Britain The Earliest Civilisations: Ancient Egyptians Crime and Punishment
5 Journeys The Anglo-Saxons The Vikings
6 The Maya The Ancient Greeks The Impact of WW1 and WW2 on Uxbridge