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What our pupils say...

Pupil Voice Day - November 2022

Pupil Survey Results:

•98% of pupils said they enjoyed coming to school

•99% said they enjoyed learning

•100% said there is an adult in school they can talk to if they are worried

•100% of children said they felt safe in school

•99% of children said they are encouraged to look after their physical health

•100% of children said the school encourages them to look after their emotional health

•100%of children said school encourages them to respect other people from different backgrounds and treat everyone equally

•100% My teacher listens to me

•99% said I have another go if I get something wrong

•98% said they felt their work was improving


Pupil Quotes from our English Coordinator Interviews:

'Teachers work really hard to make our learning fun' (Yr4).

'Our Reading Gladiators lunchtime group is fun and has helped me to love reading' (Yr5).

'It's fun and teaches you to be creative' (Yr3).

'Teachers explain things really well and help us to do our best' (Yr6).

'You learn lots of new things - I'd give this subject a thumbs up' (Yr1).

Maths Coordinator - Interviews Quotes:

'Maths is fun, helps us to think and is challenging' (Yr5).

'We are taught to never give up when solving problems' (Yr6).

'Partner talk helps us to do our work' (Yr3).

'I enjoy maths because my teacher helps me' (Yr1).

'I like learning new activities - it's fun!' (Yr2).

'I've found out lots of new things this year and achieved all my Maths targets' (Yr4).