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Friday 20th January 2017 

St. Mary's Teaching School Status (Primary TS Alliance)

As a designated Teaching School we are continuing to offer training and support to other schools this term. This work has enabled us to develop close links with a range of educational consultants and our staff are benefitting from a variety of onsite professional development opportunities. This term we are hosting a range of courses covering the following areas: KS1 and KS2 writing, developing Maths, assessment and target setting, supporting speech and language needs, pupil health and wellbeing (use of Mindfulness techniques) and primary music subject development. For further details – please visit our separate Teaching School website:


Mrs Sullivan’s Early Bird Maths Group

We have just invited a new group of pupils to join Mrs Sullivan’s ‘Early Bird’ maths intervention. This group will start on Monday – at 8.30am. All children taking part should be ready at the front entrance each morning (please do not buzz into the school office).


Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Over the next couple of weeks, each teacher will arrange to meet the parents of all pupils with SEN to plan targets and support for this term. This intervention will be recorded on an Individualised Education Plan and parents will be provided with a copy. Relevant information regarding SEN is available to view on our school website:

If you have any concerns, or questions, please either speak to your child’s class teacher or arrange an appointment to meet with our school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) – Mr Ellis - by contacting the office:



Year 2 Class Assembly

Year 2 will perform our first class assembly for this year, on Tuesday 7th February, at 9am. All parents, carers and family members are most welcome to attend. A member of staff will open up the front entrance shortly before this time. All other assembly dates are provided in the table below.


Toys Needed

If you have any unwanted toys (age 0 to 12months), that you are willing to donate to our Early Years setting, we would love to receive them. We are particularly looking for any toys with flashing, moving parts but all donations are much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Nut Free Zone

Due to an increasing number of nut allergies, we ask that all pupils do not bring any nut products into school - including nut based chocolate spreads. Thank you for your consideration.


Diary Dates for this Term

Please visit our school website for a complete list of dates:




Tuesday 7th February


Year 2 Class Assembly

Friday 10th February


End of Half Term

Monday 20th February


All pupils return to school

Monday 27th February


Start of Book Week

Tuesday 28th February


Year 1 Class Assembly

Thursday 2nd March


All pupils to come to school dressed as their favourite book character

Monday 6th March


Start of Hinduism Week

Friday 31st March


Term ends

Tuesday 25th April


Year 3 Class Assembly

Tuesday 16th May


Year 4 Class Assembly

Tuesday 23rd May


Year 5 Class Assembly

Tuesday 13th June


Early Years (Nursery and Reception)