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Behaviour Information


At St. Mary's we want our children to grow up to respect and care for each other. Our mission statement is central to all we do. We talk to the children about choices we make and want the children to think about their actions and how they impact others. At St. In Mary, we want our children to grow up treating others with respect and acting as Jesus would want us to do.  It is also very important we work with parents to help children to make the right choices both inside and outside of school.  We also have many reward systems to reward children when they show how they respect, care for and help others.

Our behaviour policy is very clear, and you can read our Behaviour Appendix to see the clear structure we follow. This policy is consistently followed across the school. There are four simple rules we have across the school.

The final rule covers everything we do - we respect each other.

Our School Rules

  • We are silent when the teacher is talking
  • We follow instructions right away
  • We let others get on with their work
  • We respect each other