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Chaplaincy Team

At St. Mary's we have a chaplaincy team in Year 6. Their job is to help and support the prayer life of the school. The children also help support Catholic Social Teaching in the school.

All the children had to apply for their job and have an interview at the start of Year 6.

The children have many different projects they are working on this year.

  • New prayer badges to go home with children each evening to pray with their family
  • Leading prayer groups for each class in school during lunchtime
  • Leading assemblies in school 

     Our Chaplaincy Prayer
We are the Chaplaincy team,
We are here to pray and love each other as God and Jesus loves us.
Since the world began God loves us for who we are, 
even when we make wrong choices.
He will always love us till the end of the world
Our Father who art in Heaven,
Pray for us and help us to understand and know how to be a 
better person.

This prayer was written by our Chaplaincy team. 


                                             The Chaplaincy Team Lead the Daily Prayer Group