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Physical Education

Physical Education Lead: Mr. Stringer

Curriculum Vision

Our vision for all pupils at St. Mary's is the children to feel inspired and engaged when taking part in PE. This can be in the form of excelling within competitive sport, which we provide in our termly Intra-school events, or in our exciting and inclusive PE lessons. These lessons allow the children to flourish in both physical literacy and mental confidence - as well as supporting their knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle. We also believe, and try to provide opportunities for all pupils, to compete and take part in activities outside of school, which allows children to build character and embed values such as fair-play and respect.


  • For all children to be competent in a broad range of fundamental movements (agility, balance and coordination) and to have met the 'End Point' for their Key Stage.

  • For all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time. 

  • To provide a range of opportunities for children to engage in competitive sports and activities. This includes opportunities for pupils with Special Educational Needs to participate in inclusive competitions such as: New Age Kurling, Boccia and Panathlon.

  • To impart a love for physical activity and the knowledge on how to lead active, healthy lives.

How is the Curriculum planned?


EYFS follows the programme real Foundations. The lessons are taught thematically, which means they are based around a story and the activities reflect those that are found within the book. Each lesson has a range of songs, games, stories and skills to engage each child in a range of ways.


Year 1 and 2 continue this thematic approach with realPE; however, each term also has a focus on an element/skill within PE, these are: personal, social, cognitive, creative and health & fitness - this approach is mirrored in KS2 to ensure continuity. Furthermore, each term will have a range of fundamental movements as the focus. In both KS1 and KS2, we also ensure that gymnastics and dance are both explicitly taught for at least one term.


Year 3 - 6 also focus on one particular skill each term when using the realPE scheme. The skill is taught through a series of activities and games, none of which are traditional sports. The reason behind this is to ensure every child enjoys and engages with PE, as children who do not enjoy a particular sport will quite often not feel enthusiastic about taking part. However, to prepare Year 6 for Secondary School, we introduce some sports that have links to the games and activities found within the realPE scheme. 

Additionally, for one term each, Year 3 - 5 goes for swimming lessons to ensure they meet the expected standard of being able to swim for 25m unaided by the end of KS2. 

Sporting Achievements

Despite being the smallest school in the Borough, we have had a fantastic year competing in Inter-school competitions. Over the course of the last year, these are list of our achievements: 

  • Basketball Champions - we went on to represent Hillingdon Borough at the London Youth Games 

  • Boys Cross Country Champions

  • Girls Cross Country Champions

  • Football Champions

  • Boccia (inclusive) - 2nd place

  • Panathlon Champions (inclusive)


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