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Religious Education

Our Lady of Lourdes and Saint Michael

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R.E Curriculum

The Dr Margaret Carswell Framework Model, which is taught in a three year cycle and which links to the liturgical year, is used to deliver the RE curriculum.  The content of this Model offers a systematic programme of study which comprehensively covers all the strands and requirements of the Curriculum Directory.  Each topic plan sets out the areas taught from Revelation, Church, Celebration and Life in Christ ensuring progression and depth of provision.

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R.E Newsletters 

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From Easter to Pentecost

From Lent to Easter

Beginning with the Church

From Advent to Christmas       

Jesus at Prayer 


Relevant Policies

Religious Education Policy

Spirituality Policy


Other Faiths

Respect for the traditions and beliefs of other faiths are important in a multicultural community such as St. Mary's Catholic Primary School. Each class from Nursery to Year 6  is taught Judaism as a ‘short one week topic’ every year as well an additional ‘short one week topic’ covering another major world religion, e.g. Hinduism, Sikhism , Islam. Activities in these weeks include: visits to places of worship, workshop lead by guest speakers and a range of cross curricular work.

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Our Class Prayer Books

Early Years

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6