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School Meals

Our school hot lunches are prepared and delivered, to our premises, by The Pantry catering company.

If your child is out of school on a class trip, our caterers will provide a packed lunch at the same price. 

Free school meals are currently in place for Reception to Year 2 children and pupils from low-income families.

For one academic year only (September 2023 to July 2024), primary schools will deliver free school meals for all primary-age children from Years 3 to 6.

Please note: your child will only receive a school lunch if you order through The Pantry website. 

To enjoy a Pantry lunch you will be required to create a Pantry account on:

If you need help, you can contact their office:

020 88137040

All school meals need to be ordered, by 9am, every day.

Please visit the link below to check if you are eligible for free school meals. On the new page - click the "Check eligibility" button at the bottom of the page: