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Values and Ethos

The School Mission Statement 

Our school Mission Statement is at the heart of everything we do at St. Mary's Catholic primary School. The mission statement was created by the whole school community. The teachings of Jesus are at the centre of all that we do in St. Mary's. Children learn about the mission statement and we celebrate how it is lived in our school community.

 The School Mission Statement 

'With Jesus, we learn together through faith and love'




Our School Values

Our School Values 

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Ethos

‘With Jesus, we learn together through faith and love’
  •  St. Mary’s is a family with Jesus at the centre of everything we do
  • All members of our school have equal opportunities to learn, develop and grow with dignity in a community of mutual respect
  • All members of the community should be treated with respect and care
  • Children to feel safe, happy and secure at St. Mary’s to enable them to learn
  • The learning environment at St. Mary’s will enable all children to reach their full potential and use all their talents
  • Everyone in the community of St. Mary’s will work together to support each other

Our School Values 

    • I’m caring
    • I’m fair
    • I’m respectful
    • I’m responsible
    • I’m trustworthy

I’m Caring

I’m Fair

I’m Respectful

I’m Responsible

I’m Trustworthy

- I am kind

- I share

- I am polite

- I help my family

- I am honest

- I give without thinking about what I get in return

- I listen to everyone’s opinion

- I take care of myself and those around me

- I take care of others’ things

- I am responsible

- I watch out for others

- I treat all people equally

- I value everyone’s view

- I take care of my things

- I am a good friend

-I help those in need

- I include everyone

- I listen

- I am dependable

- I do what is right

-I think about others feelings

- I work to change things that are unfair

- I speak to others as I wish to be spoken to

- I am a positive leader

- I am dependable